Saghar Hosseinpor

Born in Jan 1986, Tehran, Iran

Lives in Montpellier, France

Saghar Hosseinpour started her artistic work in Tehran while studying for a bachelor’s in economics. Evolving in a context in which dance is absent, she questions the essence of dance itself. Following her curiosity in a winding path through various mediums such as architecture, performance, and even geometry and AI, she has extended practice-based research in public and private. After working for almost ten years in different geographies, since 2022, She settled in France to nourish the conditions to expand her work in the calm and focused environment of the EXERCE master’s Program.



2022-2024 Choreography (MA), ICI – centre chorégraphique national de

Montpellier/Occitanie 2005-2009 Economics (BA), Azad university of Tehran/Iran


2012 I draw you with simple lines

Invited by ‘Untimely dance festival’, Tehran

2016 The Second Situation 

Underground platform, Tehran

SMASH, Berlin

2016 It’s Not about Me 

Invited by ‘FREE TUESDAYS’ at Café Baaz, Tehran

2018-2019 Segmented Situations 

Long-term practice-based research at different locations in Tehran/İstanbul/İzmir

Invited by ‘A corner in the world festival’, Turkey

2019 The red sweater boy (Pixelation Video in collaboration with Foroogh Jalilian)

2019-2020 Revealing the Latent Phase 

Invited by ‘Untimely dance festival’, Tehran and ‘PACT ZOLLVEREIN’, Essen

2021-2023 CONTOUR (Practice-based research in collaboration with Hesam Ohadi) 

Virtually and physically happened at Essen, Tehran, Calgary, Montpellier

2022 Danse-jour (In collaboration with Myriam Suchet)

Invited by Les Ateliers Médicis

2022-2023 آبى / Âabi

Published at ICI – centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier

Ephemeral projects in collaboration

2020 SHEER


Live Instagram duo performance in collaboration with Sarah Feli at ‘Reconnect Festival’ through the pandemic. 

Published on ‘’VOICES’’ 

2020 Neither I Nor memory


A dance video montage in collaboration with Amirhossein Taghavi

Published on ‘’VOICES’’

2017-2018 Earthworms are crossing the road 


A duo dance performnace in collaboration with Eva Prieckova

Created in PONDEROSA, Germany

Premiered at ‘Black box’, Bratislava

Invited by ‘HYBAJ HO festival’, Prague 


2023 Residency Fribourg/Switzerland with Joséphine de Weck

2021 Residency at PACT ZOLLVEREIN, Essen 

This link consists of an interview I did with the PACT artistic team

2020 [Virtual] Festival | GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind, Croatia/Iran/USA

2020 Virtual residency | MOVEMENT RESEARCH, New York

2019 İstanbul/İzmir/Tehran 

2019 Holding a laboratory about artist solo Practice in collaboration with Sonja Pregrad, Tehran

2019 Residency at PACT ZOLLVEREIN, Essen

2018 Residency at Theatertreffen, Invited by Berliner Festspiele to be part of the international forum

2018-2019 HOW TO KNOW

Amateur study sessions around the history of architecture and its relations to performing arts with a group of independent artists and architects, Tehran

2016 SMASH Program (3 month intensive program), Berlin

2015 Danceweb scholarship program, Vienna

2007-2021 Teaching free movement, Body Balance, Barre au sol